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Raju Digital Studio

 FF-4, Sidhdharth Comerical - Complex, University Road, Rajkot
 (+91) 80005 77770

In case the numbers are unreachable, we might be on a flight or traveling abroad. Please try a whatsapp call on (+91) 80005 77770 or email us.

Oops!!! can't get through our number, not reachable, busy, not answered.Well chances are we might be travelling or shooting. Feel free to send us an sms, or e-mail or drop us a line using the message box on the right. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please do mention the following in your email to us :
- Date of the wedding / engagement
- Number of days and hours of photography
- City in which this event is happening
- Why do you want us to shoot your wedding
- A brief description about yourself and your fiance

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